Traditional Thai massage 

This massage combines acupressure, reflexology and yoga exercises or gentle stretching. This makes it very different from traditional massages. Two basic methods are used – gentle pressure on the hands and feet is combined with a variety of passive stretching movements. The pressure can range from very subtle to intense. Massage relaxes the muscles and helps to relieve pain and stiffness. It increases the elasticity of tendons and joints. It also helps to achieve and gain a balanced energy flow in the body. Thai massage relives stress, improves circulation, cleanses the body of toxins and other harmful substances, strengthens the nervous system, revitalizes energy, improves vitality and helps to maintain good health. The massage is performed on a mat on the floor. No aromatic oils are applied and the client remains dressed.


Thai oil massage

A milder form of Thai massage using aromatic oils. This combines friction techniques while the aromatic oil used contains various medicinal properties. Aromatic oils provide relaxation and relieve stress during massage and in this way, help to achieve total harmony in the body.

Lavender – helps to reduce stress and reduces headaches

Lemon grass – relaxing

Mint – refreshing.



Thai reflexology foot massage

Involves massaging both the feet and the calves. The feet contain reflex points for the organs of the entire body. Stimulation supports a reflex action in body organs and thus improves the immune system. Foot massage helps relieve stress, improves sleep and restores vitality. Thai foot massage is appropriate after a long day, when it helps to remove the feeling of heavy feet and provides relief.

This massage involves the application of oil.


Thai herbal massage

Involves the application of dried herbs according to traditional Thai recipes. This ancient recipe has been used in Thailand for centuries, mostly for chronic pain such as back pain. Herbs wrapped in a cotton cloth are steamed before the massage begins. Warm herbs are placed on different places on the body, where they relieve stress and pain. Warmth and essence oils from the herbs prepare the body for the massage, which effectively relaxes stiff and painful places, as well as increases the energy flow, which is important for health.

This massage involves the application of mountain herbs wrapped in cotton sachets.

Head, neck and shoulders massage

This type of massage combines the beneficial effect of alleviating back pain and relives overall tension in the body. The head massage releases various blockages and reduces stress. This is followed by the neck and back massage which involves stimulating acupoints and has a highly positive effect on back pain, providing a feeling of relaxation and well-being.

This massage is particularly appreciated by people with sedentary jobs, after a busy day.