Traditional Thai massage 

Thai massage (Nuat phaen boran- in Thai - นวดแผนโบราณ ) is completely different from European style massages as we know them, as it solely focuses on muscles and soft tissue. Thai massage combines elements of acupressure and yoga. Compression of acupoints results in the release of energy and its proper flow in the body. Stretching then relaxes tense muscles, improves body flexibility and strengthens joints.
Overall, Thai massage provides relief from muscle tension and relieves chronic pain in the muscles, joints and bones caused by poor posture or excessive strain on the body. It also reduces the effects of stress, improves blood circulation, detoxifies and leads to the overall harmonization of the body.
Thai massage is an ancient art, passed down from teacher to student in the Buddhist temple schools. Nowadays, it is taught at the temple Wat Pho in Bangkok. Due to the beneficial effect son the body it is widespread throughout Thailand and is becoming more and more popular here.